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Welcome to Colma, The City Of Souls

Colma Area Map (Museum and Cemeteries)

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Museum Hours (subject to change so call first)

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Cemeteries of The Town Of Colma

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Wyatt Earp's Grave

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June - July 1998 CHA Newsletter (pages 1 to 4)

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Nov 1998 - Jan 1999 CHA Newsletter (pages 1 to 6)

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By providing this site for free to the Colma Historical Association, we, the staff at, hope to provide the online community with access to the value historical information regarding the Town Of Colma. Although there are only about 1,200 people currently living in The Town Of Colma, there are over 1,000,000 cemetery plots within the town limits (Colma has been the grave yard for San Francisco for years).! Please visit the 1 Million Names Project.


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