Welcome to Fun Social International!

FSI is a non-profit, membership owned, and membership controlled organization! Membership is open to any adult interested in having fun! Like to go to the theater or out to dinner or to a beach or house party or on a cruise but don't want to go alone? Tired of the smokee bar scene or just want to make new friends or go to new places? Interested in attending events with groups of people? Leary of those "non-profit organizations" that are run by just one or two people (who give themselves hugh salaries as "administrators")? Well, FSI may be for you!!!

And the best part is that while temporary FSI Local Chapters are being formed in your area, membership is free! And FSI wants to assure that the prices for events are the reasonable and that any profits from events are used to directly benefit the membership of the FSI organization! Once again, there are no FSI membership fees paid until you want to become a member!

Sounds great? Ok, here is the way things happen at FSI: Someone (with your name?) can start a temporary FSI Local Chapter by sponsoring an event, say a pot-luck picnic or a dinner (at a good but inexpensive resturant). During the event, the attendees get to meet each other and talk about what to do next. Each person pays their own way and should offer to sponser one or more FSI local events within the next few weeks.  After a dozen people from an area join FSI, a tempotrary FSI Local Chapter is formed (sorry, there are no "Charter Members" in FSI who get extra benefits). After 6 months and at least half dozen local events, the tempory FSI Local Chapter can apply to become a charted FSI Local Chapter.

The purpose of FSI Local Chapters are to sponser and cordinate events for the local area. The Officers of FSI Local Chapters are elected by the FSI Members who live the in FSI Local Chapter area. FSI members also elect officers to serve on FSI Regional and National Boards, and the FSI International Board. The Charters of the Regional and National Board and FSI International Board include the responsibility of seeing that the events in the area under the Board are cordinated, reasonably priced, and a honest accounting of the expenses and profits of the FSI organization is regually preformed and published for exminate by the members..

Ok? Are you ready to sponser a FSI event in your area? Or do you just want to attend an event when there is a  FSI Local Chapter event being held in your area?

Here's how it works. A volunteer event sponsor firsts contact FSI via email to:  FSI will assign a email address for the sponser (for example The sponse then posts a notice using this email address in the FSI Events Calendar subject field stating the event date, the local area, and event theme (for example: 9/15/98,S.F.,"Pot Luck", or 10/20/98,NYC,"Opera Night") followed by the event details. People interested in the event, sends email to the FSI assigned email address which is forwarded to the event sponser. The sponser can then contract the attendees and futher plan the event.   

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